CSO Paris & OsEAN : 2nd Virtual International Student Days


This is a live online event for osteopathic students from all over the world. The participation for students of OsEAN member schools is free.

The idea for the Virtual International Student Day was born during the beginning of the pandemic when humanity faced the troubles of not being able to travel freely but OsEAN students wished to stay internationally connected, to experience a different view on subjects from teachers outside of their school and country, and to exchange with their peers. We were happy to oblidge and organised the event for the first time in March 2021. Both students and teachers had positive feedback.

The 2nd Virtual International Student Day is around the corner and OsEAN invites you to join it on 10th February 2022.


All lectures are open to students from all levels. Classes will NOT be recorded.
Registration open until 9th February 2022.


Click here to register – Cliquer ici pour s’inscrire


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